Writing a personal reference letter for a coworker is harassing

Doe has inspired me to achieve higher goals, because he encouraged me to reach out past my boundaries.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Co-Worker

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Co-Worker by Jeanne Dober - Updated September 26, Letters of recommendation are a valuable commodity when someone is searching for a job that fits him perfectly. If you do not have an existing relationship with the recipient, introduce yourself in the first paragraph.

6+ Sample Reference Letters for Coworker

You will find it easier to go back to the offender, in person or on paper, if you first write a draft of how you see this matter.

Remember that most people in this culture would rather hear about a problem directly, and not from a third party. If the writer is unable to recommend the applicant, the writer should politely decline. If possible, use a story or anecdote to demonstrate one of the above areas.

Pause and take a breath. He was a team player who could always be counted on to put in more than his share of the work. Conclude with your contacts and signature. A letter can be used by anyone who feels unreasonably offended, intimidated or harassed.

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And your last draft will be more effective if early drafts have helped you deal with your feelings. Discuss any awards that the coworker achieved and mention if the coworker frequently volunteered for overtime or extra duties. Alice was instrumental in introducing our educational platform for training, for instance, a direction that has proven to be very fruitful.

It must be scrupulously accurate, to be effective and fair. This can also be a way to assuage any concerns a hiring manager might have. Give the coworker a copy of the letter for his portfolio so that he has it for future job searches.

It should be very matter of fact. This can be a simple statement detailing when you worked with her, for how long, and in what capacity. Letters to Management Letters to management are letters written to the personnel or department that controls and makes decisions for a company or organization.

This is an important question to consider, but in North American society a well prepared, direct approach to an offender may actually be the option least likely to result in retaliation.Remember that you are writing a formal document, so you need to assure that all the items that you are to include in your reference letter are well written and are appropriate to the function that it will serve.

A letter of reference should get printed on the same type of paper that you would use for a resume or a letter from your office. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and write about how you met and how long you have known the person whom you are writing a recommendation for.

Reference Letters. Reference letters are letters written to endorse someone's general character and personality. A reference letter differs from a recommendation letter in that the latter supports the person's application for a specific job or education program and is usually addressed to a particular person.

Writing a letter usually provides hope of ending harassment when the offended person wishes to avoid public exposure.

How to Write a Reference Letter for an Ex Co-Worker

Finally, writing a letter years after the offense may be an effective way of dealing with one’s feelings long after. A complain letter about harassment can be written by an employee against a colleague or superior to the concerned authority by producing ample proof for the same since it is the reputation of another employee in question.

Download this letter of recommendation — free! Formatted and ready to use with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor that can .

Writing a personal reference letter for a coworker is harassing
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