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Peter Weir has Witness essay example conveyed the theme of clash of cultures by showing the power Witness essay example loyalty within the Amish community in contrast to the deceit and betrayal which lies in the modern civilisation. This is then contrasted with the busy American city, cars and modern buildings, with a very noisy background.

The Amish people wearing anachronistic costumes shows uniformity and peacefulness this culture holds. The first clash we see is early in the movie where an Amish group travels to the city in a horse and carriage. The sense of community in this scene is complemented by very uplifting and high spirited music.

Such as using limited dialogue shows there are no words left to say about how they feel, as nothing will change the fact that they can never be together.

A dark setting of muted greys and greens of dusk is used to hide from their sins. The Amish world within the surrounding urban world is one example of this. Book is a violent man with different beliefs, but this does not stop him from falling in love with her. The Amish element complicates the genres, which makes them both familiar and new.

The scene is opened with low key lighting that has an effect of being soft and shadowy, that creates a romantic mood. In all "Witness" is a perfect text to compare opposites in culture, lifestyles and worlds. Weir than contrasts this community at the police station, where middle angle shots of people working alone at desks, convey the idea of individualism.

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These techniques carefully communicate complex ideas and emotions the pair is feeling and how passionately in love they are. John Book sees this behavior and decides to take action against the will of Eli and the other Amish people.

Another clash of "worlds" is the corrupt police network which is running within the legitimate police force. A minimal lighted, back profile shot of Rachel taking her cap off, symbolises her temporary absence of the Amish culture to be with Book.

The main clashes viewed in "Witness" include the Amish and Urban views and ways of life. Weir has used specific film techniques to allow viewers to understand the passion of this scene.

Thank you for listening. This shot shows both their expressions and in turn builds our understanding of their growing relationship. The viewer sees the horse and cart holding up a seemingly enormous truck.Witness directed by Peter Weir explores the clash between two cultures which cannot co-exist comfortable.

This clash is highlighted by the use of music, various camera angles and camera shots and the narrative structure of the film.3/5(5). Jun 29,  · Words: Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Eye Witness Memory and Identification In the contemporary legal environment, an eyewitness plays a critical role in the legal system.

A correct eyewitness identification has helped in advancing an investigation, and can be used to solve a complex case. Analysis of 'Witness' directed by Peter Weir The Amish are a charming people, gentle oddities in today’s techno world.

They don’t do handguns, cars, or telephones, and they’re exceedingly clannish in their.

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Witness. Essay Writing Witness Dynamic characters promise to take a story's audience on a journey. The key issue to understand is that it is because characters in stories act out to resolution and fulfilment. - The Presentation of the Amish Community in the Film Witness In this essay I am looking at how the use of lighting, music, camera angles, tension and comedy all contributed towards highlighting the differences between the Amish community and the normal American public.

JEHOVAH WITNESS The religious convictions of Jehovah's Witnesses are in various methods comparable to those typical Christians (George ).

For example, Witnesses rely on the power of the Bible, adore only one God, and believe in Jesus' death and resurrection for salvation.

Witness essay example
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