The controversial issue of coddling children and its influence in their development

The Parenting Trap: Coddling Anxious Kids

In the long run, they will flourish with your guidance, wisdom and love and the pain you may experience now will be exchanged for a lifetime of pride and joy at their successes. It is believed that polymorphisms on specific genes may actually make some children more vulnerable than others to negative influences within their environments Caspi et al.

Empathy is a learned behavior: Adoption Studies are another important way of disentangling genetic and environmental effects. Throughout psychological history and still in present day, three key issues remain among which developmental theorists often disagree.

He called this plan maturation. Adopted children can be compared to their adoptive parents to determine how similar or different they are from each other.

Lindsay Holly, graduate student, and Armando Pina, associate professor, child developmental psychology, department of psychology, Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz.

But, he said, previous research has indicated that a certain kind of therapy can help kids become less anxious and more resilient by teaching the importance of facing fears.

Sigmund Freud proposed that personality emerges in a sequence of five developmental stages organized around qualitatively different aspects of sexual functioning. If adoptive parents and children are found to be similar to one another than this is likely support for environmental influence because they do not share genetic material.

Is development continuous or discontinuous? Do we really have that much power over the developmental outcomes of our children?

They can learn to manipulate their parents because they realize that they are pitied. Knowing how genetically similar twins are and comparing how behaviourally similar they are allows researchers to infer the relative importance of genes and environment.

Instead, they believe that developmental change causes "the rules of the system to change" Green,p. Jean Piaget proposed that cognitive development emerges in a series of four sequential stages organized around qualitatively distinct forms of thinking and problem solving.

Applied History of Psychology/Controversies

Learning theory is concerned generally with the effects of the environment on behavior and, more specifically, with how those who deal with children can control their behavior.

In order to tease apart the influence of genetics and environment, designs that are genetically sensitive must be utilized Jenkins, Many developmentalists believe that the accumulation of developmental change is not a matter of adding one new skill after another.


This is true for any parent, regardless of the circumstances. Others are less helpful, like promoting avoidance by overprotecting, which many times leads to more anxiety.

Parents must simply be prepared to cope with but not influence the terrible twos, the conforming threes and the inquisitive fours. Are children an active force in their own development?

The belief in the inheritance of certain psychological traits deemed undesirable is one of the reason thousands of individuals were sterilized without their consent in the s. However, these studies confound the influence of genetics and environment because parents are the providers of both genes and environment.

Over time, research has been conducted to support the idea that stage development may be true to certain times within development. However, adoption studies are not lacking criticism.Of interest is whether or not children should be viewed as active contributors to their own development (i.e.

influence how others treat them) or as passive recipients impressed upon by others and their environment. controversial issues, ways that help prepare children to become the decision-makers they are going to be.

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The child development theories vary widely in scope and content.

Controversial issues in child development

Psychoanalytic theory focuses on the emotional and motivational aspects of development. Learning theory is concerned generally with the effects of the environment on behavior and, more specifically, with how those who deal with children can control their behavior.

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The Dangers of Coddling By Judy Loseff Lavin, M.S.W. Parents need to teach their children how to feel for others and one way to do that is avoid coddling their child. It is often difficult to avoid coddling or pitying your child when you see him struggling to do ordinary things.

As a parent, it rips your heart out. The issue is controversial because delays and development would thus be placed upon the external environment from one perspective, or the innate language acquisition structure that is present within the other theory%(8).

The controversial issue of coddling children and its influence in their development
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