Second shooter sandy hook cover up

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It is available to a limited number of people or institutions as defined by regulation. It is a time of solace and reflection, especially for the families of those lost on December Watch the Video below: Current school safety expert: Published on March 2nd, by -swansong- 14 Sandy Hook Update: Other Sandy Hook resources: Nick and Laura Phelps have been exposed as Sandy Hook actors.

The gunman, wearing black fatigues and a military-style vest, was found dead in a classroom, but it was not clear whether he took his own life or was shot by police.

In order to comply with the law, the Office for the Chief Medical Examiner will release information on the death certificate to the press when asked. Jones is the result of motion compensation video compression, which would have been readily ascertainable at the time Mr.

Here is CBS News again reporting, from the scene of the crime, referencing the second shooting suspect.

The Sandy Hook School Tragedy: Was There A Second Shooter?

But this is not all they do. But for the amount of media coverage and global attention this case has received, why is that not one police press conference or official report has mentioned just who this second man was? Or is it by Here is a CBS news anchor and a correspondent on the morning of Friday, December 14th, openly talking about the second suspect: In the full interview Cooper said the following: His conclusion after ten months of motivated investigation: So all of this carnage and they might need a second medic.

By every state law, only the Coroner or a licensed Doctor depending on the statecan declare someone dead. But a few brand new discoveries and key expert witness questions have emerged this week that could rip this event wide open… Wolfgang Halbig has the perfect combination of expertise to evaluate what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School: Halbig has the professional expertise to conclude the official story is impossible, and to demand arrests in order for the public to have the truth.

Sandy Hook Parents Sue Conspiracy Troll Alex Jones for Defamation

If you search the internet for Sandy Hook actors, you will find various entries and articles. However, lost in the mainstream media coverage were the initial reports of a second shooter at the scene of the crime.Dec 15,  · Initial reports from eyewitnesses and the media spoke of at least two shooters on the scene at one of the worst mass shootings in U.S.

history. May 24,  · Infowars host Alex Jones called Sandy Hook a "cover up." Now more families of slain children are suing, on top of other lawsuits he's faced this year. Jan 10,  · No one should have to apologize for anything said about the Sandy Hook school shootings until we know the facts, including, at a bare minimum, photos of the shooter.

I challenge this newspaper to fight for the Hoax At Sandy Hook. Apr 17,  · Alex Jones of has questioned the authenticity of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and now the parents of two children killed in the massacre are suing him.

Go to YouTube and look up “sandy hook hoax” and there’s PLENTY to show that Sandy Hook was a LIE. For one, look at the video of Emilie Parker’s dad all happy and then psyching up before the TV cameras start to roll. Sandy Hook 2nd Shooter Cover-Up - It's Official Now.

6 years ago K views. US Follow. A brilliant piece by Alex Jones, asking why the police are blacking out the other shooters arrested at the Sandy Hook massacre.

Sandy Hook Update: Newtown Holds Back Death Certificates -The Cover Up

What are they trying to hide? The whole government story is .

Second shooter sandy hook cover up
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