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Through this the students acquire critical knowledge, problem solving skills, and self- directed learning strategies.

Users would need to be persuaded on the relevance of the library to the achievement of their goals [7]. The librarian has most of the times been mistaken for a support staff.

This is a clear indication that libraries are more popular spaces for study than for any other purposes [17]. Hence the library experience needs to be web like and to be embedded in individual workflows.

Absolute library non-users may be influenced to use libraries if certain modifications are put in place in the services S2 2014 325680 bibliography to suit their needs [1].

To them a good library is that which offers quality services as opposed to size, staff student ratios and other parameters normally used as quality indicators [15].

Large, rich library collections only matter to the faculty and the graduate students. Other relevant services would include e-customisation. Recommendations have therefore been made to design library spaces to conform to respective institutional missions [32].

First year preferences when asked to indicate their preferences preferred print. Services should be always lifted to meet the ever changing tastes and expectations of users [2]. It is a form of embedded librarianship, a way to highlight to students the immediate relevance of the collection to their study needs.

Users and non-users of academic libraries would wish that locations and call numbers should be viewed together on the OPAC. Other challenges identified included limited hours, distance to the library and the length of time it took for library research. Users should be given the confidence that they will access the information they seek after with sufficient ease.

Though the traditional image of the librarian has been transformed by information technology, it is equally noted that this does not mean that the old image is automatically discarded [10].

They prefer knowledgeable S2 2014 325680 bibliography competent staff as compared to friendly staff. Findings showed that gate counts increased after remodelling and renovation, but the addition of non-library facilities such as photocopiers did not show any increase in library use [22].

Library and Information Science Research, They showed poor information seeking habits. This places a need to improve training on the use of e-resources.

Relevance A website that is assured of continued use is one that provides relevant content to meet user needs timely and with required depth. In view of the foregoing observations, all information users in general will opt for formats that suit them the most in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, aesthetic values, affordability, and convenience.

When students are confronted with having to use the library, many become anxious to the extent that they will look for alternatives as they are not able to approach the problem logically and efficiently, thereby hindering the effective use of library resources.

Proactive partnerships between academic staff and the library on availing resources on their reading lists in the library are demanded by undergraduate users [2] [11] [15] [16]. Search engines have overtaken libraries due to the fact that one can access a wide range of information at one stop which is impossible to find in a single title.

Mobile Reference Services To counter anxiety, the University of West Indies has a Research Rescue reference service in the halls of residence to assist the students at least one week in a semester.

Convenience is a major aspect that influences the choice of websites arising from its ability to delivery of fast and intuitive access to information. Students have suggested that lecture notes can be availed online via the library web site while audio and power point formats can be availed from the reserve sections of the library [5].

The library should acquire more multiple copies of documents with those of latest editions receiving greater preference [6]. This is the basis on which undergraduate students pursue that which fits their learning styles to access diverse sources of information [18] [19]. They will consciously or unconsciously seek out for knowledgeable, proactive and competent staff, accessible and timely services.There is need for a continual assessment of services and resource use in the library.

This is to determine the extent the library is achieving its aims. The research is. Sbibliography. For Later. save.

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S2 2014 325680 bibliography
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