Organ donation annotated bibliography

Finally attorneys should attempt to create trust in the system through attempting to guarantee its integrity.

Pediatric Donation and Transplantation

As a race, African-Americans must also work to solve the problems that they face. First attorneys must help to research alternatives to current practices regarding transplantation, and alter the se procedures where necessary.

Annotated Bibliography on Organ Donation

How then can we expect them to be moved to act in regards to a cause that does not effect them. Second, attorneys should raise the issue of organ donation with their clients.

The fact that so many African-Americans suffer from end stage renal disease is an indication that the problem will not be going away any time soon, especially if the current system is retained.

Procuring Organs for Transplant: Punitive damages would be available when there is a showing that the interference by the next of kin resulted from racist or other prejudiced motives.

Cambridge University Press, Advances in Bioethics Vol. Organ Donation and Transplantation: If individuals are not comfortable with the issue of organ procurement they cannot be expected to take part in the process.

For this reason, people may answer these types of questions falsely, or change their mind in the face of personal considerations. The article states that race should not be the sole factor impacting the restructure of the organ allocation process, and it is simplistic to argue that the only problem with the system is its racially slanted results.

Organ Donation and Transplantation

It is imperative to stress not only what donation and transplantation does for recipients, but how important donors are as well.

Organ Transplantation, Harv. Science, Ethics, and Public Policy. Randall, Slavery, Segregation and Racism: Just like adult donations there are some considerations for the medical team caring for the pediatric organ recipient include support emotional and spiritual for the recipient, other siblings eg, social aspects relating to their careand parents or guardians eg, maintaining employment status and the availability of pediatric subspecialty support critical care, dialysis, anesthesia, interventional radiology, etc.

Living Donor Organ Transplantation. In many states if the child dies before the age 18, the parents must make the donation decision. Because no property interest is extended to organs or tissue removed from a patient, this may create problems in the implementation of policies which attempt to boost organ donation.

This article presented amazing information about medical advances. It focuses on the social factors surrounding the issue of organ transplantation. Where organ donation is concerned, Noah blames racial disparities on the requirement of antigen matching.Sources for organ trafficking.

2/16/ Source Moore, J. (, August 26). Is Harvesting Organs of Black People. Presumed Consent to Organ Donation in Three European Countries. Nursing Ethics, 16, – This article discusses the problems of legislation concerning presumed consent to organ transplantation, which is adopted in the majority countries ofEurope, in the framework of the existing statistics, concerning the lack of donor organs.

Official government website for organ donation, transplants, and registration from the Division of Transplantation, HRSA, Dept. of HHS. My bibliography. The Ethics of Organ Tourism: Role Morality and Organ Transplantation.

While I agree that many of us have a duty to donate, in this article I criticize these arguments for a general duty of organ donation and their application to organ procurement policy. Organ Donation: What is the Ethical Dilemma (Coursework Sample) Instructions: Search minimum of 8 scholarly nursing journals or national newspaper for peer review articles or scholarly nursing journal article about ethical dilemma in nursing surrounding organ donation) •.

This bibliography is intended to supplement the most recent American College of Physicians (ACP) bibliography on this topic (entry 99) and to help physicians keep up .

Organ donation annotated bibliography
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