List categories of business reports

Different Types of Reports Used in Business

They are statutory report and non-statutory report. Formal Report Formal report is prepared in a prescribed format and presented before the competent authority in an established procedure. Work better with your accountant Create a unique login for your accountant so that she can access the business and accounting reports she needs to help you grow your business.

Normal business operations that occurred during that quarter are analyzed and explained in the analytical report, helping the business to make sound decisions going forward.

As such, research reports are the most complex and time-consuming type of business reports to prepare.

You want to meet some operational need. These reports contain not only facts and details but they may contain suggestion, comments and explanations as well.

Such reports contain the narration of facts, collected data and information, classified and tabulated data and also explanatory note followed by the conclusions arrived at or interpretations.

They may also buy protection against theft, fire and other loss, liability coverage, malpractice or auto insurance for the vehicles they own. In this case, a report is prepared by including the verbation record of the resolutions passed with the names of the proposers and seconders, manner of voting and results.

Earnings and Financial Forecasts Accounting departments work to build useful financial reports as standalone documents. Personnel Often, money spent on personnel is one of the largest expenditures for a company.

Types of business reports in business communication

Major divisions include personnel, rent, cost of goods sold, other and miscellaneous expenses. Questions on the law should always be directed to a tax professional or business adviser, who is familiar with current regulations, before filing any tax returns.

Whenever a company is going to introduce mechanical process instead of manual process, the level of technology required assessed. If you need objective information on something, then you ask for an informational report.

Types of Business Reports

Capital Expenses Capital expenses are typically large outlays of funds used to purchase assets for a company. Failure to submit statutory reports can result in audits and legal ramifications. Special Report This type of report is prepared and presented before the top management on specific request.

Moreover, the report is concluded with the ways of solving the problem.These may not all be directly applicable to your business, and you may have some of your own specific categories, but this list is fairly exhaustive for small business owners.

Business expenses can be confusing for freelancers and new small business owners because many tax resources are rather vague with their definitions.

Numerous types of business reports are used to measure and gauge company health and profitability. Reports are also generated to meet regulatory requirements.

So far we have seen two broad categories of reports that Are. Informational Reports. They present data but does not analyze that data or makes any conclusions.

Analytical reports not only provides data but also analyze’s that data and draw conclusions. Types of business reports 1. Typical BusinessReports 1 2. Business Communication. Different Types of Reports Used in Business After thorough study, collection of all relevant facts and information and proper scrutiny and analysis of a problem relating to past or present, submission of the conclusions supported by statements and other relevant data etc.

is called a report, which offers suggestions for solution of the problem. Every business is unique, which means accounting reports should be, too. Create custom, professional business reports with QuickBooks.

Get a day free trial. Having recently categorized seven different kinds of database, let me now make a similar effort for business intelligence. To a first approximation, I’d like to split BI use cases into 2×2 = 4 groups, along two dimensions: The problematic category in all this is .

List categories of business reports
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