Interdisciplinary studies reflection essay

Interdisciplinary studies encourages creative thinking because it means making connections out of many sources and thinking outside the box of one discipline.

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Ever since I started doing audio production, I felt a responsibility to create the best product possible. Of the specific cognitive capacities associated with the concept of interdisciplinary perspective taking, which ones have you already developed and which ones are proving the most challenging?

My particular discipline is film and audio production, so I will have a different perspective than anyone who is not in my field of work. With constantly changing technology, I realize that some of the older methods of audio production are becoming irrelevant. Therefore, I might rephrase my statement to the difference between the quietest part of the song and the loudest part of the song is very small, that way hopefully anyone without an audio background could understand what I am talking about.

Interdisciplinary studies is opening my eyes to see the bigger picture. It is important to assume that the audience does not know what I know.

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Then mp3s came out, and killed the cd market. It should be used as a guide in planning a course of study and meeting graduation requirements. I feel that it is my responsibility to inform my clients about.

A DJ would probably probably prefer that all of his music hits hard and at the same relative loudness between songs. An example of this is the medium that people listen to music. I need to be able to see how audio and video files I create will be used to gain a greater perspective of my art as a whole.

JSC publishes a Course Bulletin each semester listing the courses to be offered that semester, along with times, locations and other pertinent information. Then cds came out, although many people argue that records sound warmer and smoother than cds, cds became the new big thing because of their small size.

Or I could take the perspective of a DJ. Sitemap Reflection Paper 1 How do interdisciplinary studies foster the development of creative intelligence and civic responsibility in the world?

I also need to watch how a normal viewer would watch.

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What is the relevance of perspective taking to interdisciplinary studies? The Undergraduate Catalog is the official source of information about JSC undergraduate academic programs, courses, policies and procedures.

Therefore, if I were to say that a particular song has a dynamic range of only a few dB, this would sound like an alien language to anyone not in my field.

I could watch the sound design, the edits and pacing, the camera angles and shots, the story arc, the emotional arc, the acting, the costumes, the makeup, and the set design. The mp3 is without a doubt the worst sonic quality of the three, yet is the most popular because of its super small file size and its versatility to be loaded to various devices computers, mp3 players, youtube.Reflection Paper #1 How do interdisciplinary studies foster the development of creative intelligence and civic responsibility in the world?

What is the relevance of perspective taking to interdisciplinary studies? Interdisciplinary Studies and one faculty membe r identified by the student (their mentor).

You are required to reflect, in a typed, page essay (or longer, if you wish), on the elements listed in outline form below.

Examples from Reflection Essays women’s studies perspective that reflected patriarchal ideals which makes accessing healthcare difficult for some women.” Interdisciplinary Comparison “A difference that can be.

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I have an interdisciplinary life —Alicia Gilbert (, p. ) Introduction The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program (BIS) at Arizona State University (ASU) is an interesting example of how undergraduate interdisci- plinary studies degree programs can be successful in large metropolitan pub- lic research universities with minimum.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major offers students the opportunity and challenge to create their own individually designed interdisciplinary programs. It gives students the tools to explore and understand connections and patterns: within and among disciplines; between self and the world; among different cultures.

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Interdisciplinary studies reflection essay
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