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A contour is defined as an imaginary line of constant elevation on the ground surface. This technique of making observations and plotting on a plan is called as grid leveling. Squares or Grid method Cross section method Square or grid method: The contours of desired values are then located by interpolation.

In this method, a benchmark is required in the project area. In general, the field methods of contouring may be divided into two classes: The horizontal control is generally provided by method of plane table surveying or locating the positions of points. The RL of each of the points calculated.

After this points are marked along the cross sections at regular intervals. The method is used for large scale mapping and at average precision.

Surveying and Leveling

In this method, the spot levels of selected guide points are taken with a level and their levels are computed. In this method, the area to be surveyed is divided into a grid or series of squares. Therefore, locating contours of higher value, the instrument has to be shifted to some other suitable position.

The readings are entered in the level book the base line and the cross sections should also be mentioned. Subsequently the RLs of the respective points are noted on the map, after which the required contour line is drawn by interpolation This method is suitable for route survey, when cross sections are taken transverse to the longitudinal section.

Staff readings are taken along the base line and the cross sections.

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Mark all such positions on the ground where the staff reading would be 0. The grid is plotted to the scale of the map and the spot levels of the grid corners are entered.

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Again ,for a small-scale map, the interval may be of 1m,2m,3m etc. It should be remembered that the contour interval for a particular map is constant. Indirect method of contouring: For a steep slope in hilly area is greater, eg.

The contour of Friday, 6 December6: Special care should be taken to give the spot levels to the salient features of the ground such as hilltops, deepest points of the depressions, and their measurements from respective corners of the grids, for correct depiction of the features.The Grid - welcome doers & creators, this medium adapts to.

Levelling & Surveying Levelling and surveying methods are also used for is from known to unknown points and the return run is the check levelling in the. Surveying and Leveling. You are currently using guest access.

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Grid for levelling writing a check
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