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A damaged marine ecosystem, global warming and natural disasters are not limited to a certain country or region, but are issues that have global implications.

Yeosu Expo - Yeosu Forum

An exhibition that has been highlighted in the lead-up to the event was one that will feature the most notable achievements in Korean shipbuildingmarine transportation, marine products, marine technologyand marine safety.

A mix of play and experience edutainment aimed to trigger the imagination and curiosity of attendees towards an unknown world and to inspire children to learn to love and appreciate the oceans.

The name of "Hwangilam" is derived from the fact that the thick camellia between the rocky cliffs of Geumo Mountain is blessed with the sunrise of the South Sea.

These achievements are shown in two exhibition halls. Theme, vision, and goals[ edit ] The Living Ocean and Coast: Unique to this fountain is a large round steel frame at its centre. The exhibition hall was adorned with traditional Korean constructions and colors.

Its ocean climate also brings Yeosu relatively longer springs and autumns than other regions. There are lots of seafood restaurants and romantic cafes around the area.

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The fountain spouts in accordance with classic and jazz music. Yeosu—Suncheon Rebellion In Octoberthe town of Yeosu was taken by South Korean soldiers who refused to take part in the suppression of the ongoing Jeju Uprising.

At each round of voting, the venue with the least votes is out and there is an additional vote between the remaining venues.

New Resources Technology illustrated the progress and future prospects of marine technology, a new growth driver for the advancement of humankind. There is a big aquarium called Hanhwa aqua planet. Yeosu is a city of history and loyalty where the headquarters of South Jeolla Province Navy Base was located, and the Great Admiral Yi Sun Shin improved upon the Geobukseon turtle ship to save the country while serving as the Navy Commander.

Countries are becoming more competitive in marine-related industries and are developing new technologies to address issues related to resources and the changing environment.

However, industrial activities have damaged the marine ecosystem and subsequently reduced fish stocks. A wide collection of marine-related culture and arts, including poetry, novels, films, operas, musicals, plays and music were shown at the Yeosu Expo.

The discreet use of resources, which strikes a balance between development and preservation, is only possible if based on advanced marine science and technology.ExpoYeosu. likes.

Expo Yeosu Korea was an International Exposition recognised by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) held in /5(6). May 23,  · Answer 1 of How's Yeosu Expo? Is 2 days enough to see all the pavillions?

We're going to Korea next week, we already booked our KTX roundtrip ticket from Seoul to Yeosu. Any affordable hotel/ room accomodation in Yeosu? Expo opened in the port city of Yeosu, South Korea on 12 May A "recognized" exposition by the BIE, it closed meeting its goal of 8 million visits.

Yeosu (Korean pronunciation: ; Yeosu-si) is a city located on the southern coast of Korea in South Jeolla Province, South Korea and comprises the Old Yeosu City, founded inYeocheon City, founded inand Yeocheon County which were merged into the current Yeosu city in this proposal for the ‘thematic pavilion’ of expo yeosu in south korea by daniel valle architects endeavors to be constructed upon water movement and to represent the significance of life.

Jun 10,  · For tourists, this small South Korean city used to be virtually off the map.

daniel valle's water pavilion proposal invites users for a walk towards the ocean

Then, Yeosu landed the World Expo — and things changed dramatically.

Expo 2012 yeosu south korea
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