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Or, if their relationships were altogether different, I wanted to know how exactly these relationships were different. McMullan and her associate, Philip Lopate, who provides an introduction.

The contributors include many well-known writers—Alice Munro, Jayne Anne Phillips, Alexandra Styron, Ann Hood, Bobbie Ann Mason, Maxine Hong Kingston, among others—as well as writers less well-known but no less cogent, inventive, perceptive, lacerating, questioning, or loving of their fathers.

If you write, you will read these essays and feel the need to write your own. Although this section is overly large, part of it is devoted to essays by such relative newcomers as Scott Russell Sanders, Gayle Pemberton, and Richard Rodriguez.

We consider their childhoods and how they affected our childhoods, think of their legacies and how they affect our own…whether the words are written down or not, we read these memoirs and we begin our own.

Perhaps because of this relative freedom, Lopate does on a couple of occasions make the mistake of thinking the audience will find his life, rather than his thoughts, fascinating, and in those same passages, there is a perversely anti-narcissistic and as Essays by phillip lopate, necessarily narcissistic undertone of a desire to expose himself as being as ugly as possible, an impulse which is belied by the more dominant level self-perspective that is neither too critical nor too flattering; his language, even, sometimes felt oddly restrained in these passages, as if part of him was resistant to the characterization, attempting to sway toward genteelness his deeper desire to reveal all.

The themes are as varied as the talent pool, tending toward the familiar and the domestic, with such subjects as friendship, solitude, city versus country life, walking, leisure, writing, food, and death.

This book came out of a need, my own, personal, selfish Essays by phillip lopate. My assumption based on the recommendation and title was that this collection would be much more focused on essays about the body itself, but there was by no means a specificity to that theme.

With that out of the way, the collection is fabulous and everything there is to love about Lopate. W This book was suggested to me by my mentor, which ironically enough is a collection including one which questions the relevance of mentors - but thankfully mine, not unlike Lopate, does not take himself too seriously.

Structured loosely but with a clear connective thread between most essays, there is a pleasing rhyming quality to many of the passages that echo previously encountered themes. They took it from there. I wanted to read this anthology, but it did not exist.

The essays also take many forms—from humor to meditations to diaries to letters to newspaper columns to mere lists. As a whole, the collection reflects an author unafraid to examine himself and his ideas closely, and unafraid to remain ambivalent about many of the ideas he reflects upon.

I recently had the opportunity to hear Lopate speak about his essay process and I feel following that with this reading highlighted just how effective his interrogation methods are.

The Art of the Personal Essay Summary

I never wanted this to feel like an assignment, but I suppose it was. An Anthology from the Classical Era to the Present is an extensive collection of essays compiled by Phillip Lopate, an English professor at Hofstra University in New York City and himself the author of two essay collections.

Editors do the same.

The Art of the Personal Essay

Honest, heartfelt, and confessional in tone, the personal essay points up the universality of human experience. The anthology is divided into five sections.

About half of these essays were written by invitation for this anthology; others were selected by Ms.

Every Father’s Daughter

For all his appreciation of the artifices that humans adopt, Lopate comes across in this book as very much a lion in winter, who no longer feels the need to stake out definite positions, much less those that are popularly accepted.

Lopate further acknowledges the dearth of women writers in the collection, attributing this to the fact that few wrote in this Here, Lopate has selected some seventy-five essays written by fifty authors—including himself—spanning the last two thousand years and representing cultures from all over the globe.

I wanted to know if the fact that my father was southern had anything to do with anything. At times, too, when Lopate chose to defend a position more staunchly, I wished for a bit more support for evidence he entered into his arguments, though it may be that doing so would have marred the general lightness of tone that characterizes the essays contained here, tilting the delicate balance from casual to overly academic.

Writers write the book they want to read. I simply asked these women to tell me about their fathers. Acknowledging the fact that many writers have written personal essays, Lopate states that he tended to choose those who were specifically dedicated to the form.

The editor, Margaret McMullan, is herself a distinguished novelist and educator. The self-referential and self-regarding coda gracefully resolves his self-told making-of story of himself as a husband, a father, and perhaps most of all, a writer.

We are offered the opportunity to see not only the development of his ideas within his internal monologue but also how those ideas, once deemed complete enough, fare when allowed to be publicized and come up against the existing debate of the larger world.Phillip Lopate is the author of the essay collections Against Joie de Vivre, Bachelorhood, and Portrait of My Body.

He has also written the novels The Rug Merchant and Confessions of a Summer. Lopate is the editor of The Art of the Personal Essay and the Library of America’s Writing.

Mar 03,  · Wide-ranging essays and a writer’s guide from Phillip Lopate.

Portrait Inside My Head: Essays

The Art of the Personal Essay: An Anthology from the Classical Era to the Present is an extensive collection of essays compiled by Phillip Lopate, an English professor at Hofstra University in New. of 71 results for "lopate essays" The Art of the Personal Essay: An Anthology from the Classical Era to the Present Jan 15, by Phillip Lopate.


by Emily Fox Gordon and Phillip Lopate. Paperback. $ $ 15 00 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices. $ (45 used. Phillip Lopate is the author of three personal essay collections, two novels, two poetry collections, a memoir of his teaching experiences, and a collect 4/5().

“A Mother’s Tale shines with pain and’s book is an unsentimental tour de force.” — Benjamin Taylor — Benjamin Taylor “With his signature insight an candor, Lopate reveals his mother for the complicated and troubled character she was, and himself–her darling, her confessor, her victim, her judge–as tje cjild.

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