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Rain, or water, is another Romantic attribute mentioned: Someone has to gather the leeches. The man seems weighed down with care; he is so still he seems dead. His point is made and well understood, thus making this a good literary technique. During his search, he finds an old man, the leech-gatherer, who is one with himself, God, and nature.

William Wordsworth

My favorite parts were those that uplifted me. Wordsworth wanted to stress his "dejection" by writing: The old man serves as a role model for Wordsworth. My former thoughts returned: The wanderer resolves not to give in to misery, but to think instead of the courage and firm mind of the leech gatherer.

Upon seeing the old man, Wordsworth is given a new hope for a way to gain the inner peace that he Essay resolution independence william wordsworth been looking for. He searches nature for an answer, but nature does not bring reconciliation to his distraught emotions.

A similar revolution occurred in Romantic medicine. The creatures around him are lively and refreshed. And him with further words I thus bespake, "What occupation do you there pursue?

Even such a happy Child of earth am I; Even as these blissful creatures do I fare; Far from the world I walk, and from all care; But there may come another day to me— Solitude, pain of heart, distress, and poverty.

Resolution and Independence Themes

Suffering and joy go hand in hand. I also particularly enjoyed stanzas fourteen, fifteen, eighteen, and nineteen where the old man is speaking and telling a portion of his tale.

Resolution and Independence

Wordsworth is strangely not at ease. May Summary A man walks through the countryside after a night of rain. In this poem Wordsworth shows the reader what he thinks his life is like and what he wants it to be like.

Wordsworth loves the storm of the previous night and the "rain-drops" on the moors that it leaves behind As a huge stone is sometimes seen to lie Couched on the bald top of an eminence; Wonder to all who do the same espy, By what means it could thither come, and whence; So that it seems a thing endued with sense: In conclusion, the poet is suffering from dejection without a cause.

Sources conflict as to whether his death was due to arsenic poisoning as a suicide or an accident of self-medication for a venereal disease. Rain is also symbolic of poetic inspiration. Like the wandering poet, the physician is a being with a higher level of language and knowledge.

He greets the man and asks what he is doing.Wordsworth had a firm belief in the wisdom of what he called "the common man" (even if the common man needed his thoughts and feelings. William Blake “London” Wordsworth “London” Write a literary analysis that compares and contrast two poems from the list above that not only points out what the poems mean and the elements of romanticism found in the poems but also explains how these elements compare and contrast.

Wordsworth flourished in these ideas in a poem called Independence and Resolution. In this poem Wordsworth shows the reader what he thinks his life is like and what he wants it to be like.

In its essence, Resolution and Independence is an open book to what Wordsworth feels his life is like.4/4(1).

The poem Resolution and Independence by William Wordsworth is written from the perspective of the ultimedescente.comorth tells how he is wandering in the moors during sunrise, enjoying the beauty of nature. One might describe his attitude in.

"Resolution and Independence" is a lyric poem by the English romantic poet William Wordsworth, composed in and published in in Poems in Two Volumes. The poem contains twenty stanzas written in modified rhyme royal. Discussion of themes and motifs in William Wordsworth's Resolution and Independence.

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Essay resolution independence william wordsworth
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