Desegregation and the future essay

Segregation still had a firm hold in the areas of public education, public transportation, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, housing and departments of the United States Government Stephan 7.

Desegregation Academies Essay Desegregation Academies Essay Of the hundreds of independent African American schools that exist today, many were founded as desegregation academies between and Afrocentric transformation and parental choice in African American independent schools.

Segregation was almost always initiated by whites, and initiated on the basis that blacks were inferior and undesirable. There was also the cost of integrating schools to legal specifications. To minimize transportation costs and to accommodate distinctions between the suburbs and the inner city, the people who were supposed to pay those costs were those who lived near the ghetto inside the inner city limits.

While they were segregated, it was easy for them to maintain their African-American background. The spirit of desegregation academies was derived from the philosophy of cultural revolt taking place in universities and colleges around curriculum issues.

The initial impetus, however, was more pragmatic: Black children were more likely to attend an inner city school and they felt that in return for their taxes they would receive an increase in crime and a lower standard of education Stephan In each case, the courts found that local school districts and occasionally state educational agencies as well, had systematically carried out policies leading to or reinforcing segregation Stephan Oklahoma Board of Regents of Higher Education in The tuition is often weighted based upon the family income.

One of the disadvantages of desegregation, however, was the way it destroyed the ethnicity of blacks.

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The expenditure disparity between white and black children was enormous in some areas of the country. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.

George McLaurin was admitted on a segregated basis to the graduate school of the University of Oklahoma as a result of a federal district court order. The Black Power movement and the civil rights movement were the driving forces behind the establishment of these institutions. These schools are located primarily in urban areas and mostly in the Northeast, with the remaining scattered across the Southwest, South, Southeast, central United States, and the U.

With all of the factors contributing to the problems of desegregation, it is obvious that the blacks were caught in a no-win situation. Graduates from these programs established desegregated and independent academy schools in their communities.

In addition, it increased educational costs with the addition of new buses and the salaries of the drivers, and jeopardized the health and safety of children Stephan Once they were finally granted rights into the schools, the stress they were experiencing caused even more psychological problems and learning disabilities.

The result was the creation of a Pan-African educational movement. While the schools tend to be racially homogenous, no school denies access to any child based on race, creed, religion, ethnicity, or political affiliation.

An example was the case of McLaurin v. Most of the students who attend live in the immediate vicinity of the school. The Board of Education. According to the government, the purpose of desegregation was to integrate the population with the expectation that racially, economically and socially disadvantaged children would benefit and therefore enhance their abilities of obtaining the knowledge needed to acquire higher status and better jobs.

They are typically directed by individuals committed to social change, leaders who aim to promote academic excellence but can work within a small budget.

This entry looks at the origins and current status of these academies. Journal of Counseling Development, 61, — A sense of inferiority affects the motivation of a child to learn. This element became a prominent part of the legal case against segregation Stephan 9.


When rioting broke out, it became so serious that the police and National Guard were called in to protect the black students. Today, the Institute for Independent Education reports that over independent Black inner-city or neighborhood academies serve children of color nationwide. The white middle-class families who felt violated by having blacks being bused into their schools and neighborhoods fostered hostilities.

Desegregation Academies Essay

During the s and s parental and community protest fueled the formation of independent schools. When blacks allowed themselves to accept their status at the separate school, the effect on their personalities was perpetually worse than any problem they might encounter in an integrated school.

During this time, it was forgotten that the major function of schools was and always will be to educate, and that should never be based on race, religion or color. Now they were attempting to increase their intelligence level, but their inferiority was causing them to be excluded from the same education that whites were receiving.Desegregation is a term that can be defined as the process of abolishing racial segregation.

Throughout the Civil Rights Movement of the mid 's to late 's, the desegregation of school systems was a heated issue in the United States both at a federal and state level.

Desegregation Academies Essay Of the hundreds of independent African American schools that exist today, many were founded as desegregation academies between and The Black Power movement and the civil rights movement were the driving forces behind the establishment of these institutions.

Desegregation Essay Desegregation entered the standard American English lexicon in about to describe the process of removing racial and other minorities from isolation or sequestration in society. Desegregation and the Future Essay Desegregation and the Future The civil rights movement was one of the most pivotal periods in United States history, and Martin Luther King was one of the most influential.

Professionals, civil rights activists, students and parents went through a very difficult time to ensure the future of the African American children (Brown, ). The liberation and struggle movement for desegregation and equal education in southern states was inevitable and unstoppable. School Desegregation Board of Education of Topeka, seventeen states had implemented a segregation law that permitted schools to separate black and white students; these were mainly the Southern states.4/4(2).

Desegregation and the future essay
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