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Lowland; gently undulating central plateau contains water catchment area and nature preserve. Pedestrians and drivers have to keep to the left to ensure a smooth travel Country profile singapore essay everyone, whether on foot or in a car.

Singaporean sadjective: In the beginning of the 19th century Singapore became a trade post and settlement of the British East India Company and some years later a British crown colony.

After independence was granted the process of finding a single Singaporean identity began. In the dark of night the city of Singapore lights up.

Singapore country profile

In Singapore gained independence from the United Kingdom. Food from the street vendors is bursting with local flavours and is irresistible after a long day walking through the streets and shopping in the malls. The diverse culture can be noticed when you walk the streets to see mosques, synagogues and churches.

Official Sites of Singapore Singapore is a parliamentary representative democratic republic with a in theory multi-party system. There are not too many private cars in Singapore, however taxis flood the roads.

Car prices are much higher in the country and the cost for just obtaining a Singaporean certificate of Entitlement would buy you a Porsche Boxter in America. The island is small and the population is large at 5, External links will open in a new browser window.

Therefore, Singapore is classified as a one-party state by critics. Singaporeans dress in clothes suitable for the heat and humidity, wearing T-shirts, shorts and slippers. The country has been called a society in transition because of the fact that the people who live there do not speak the same language, share religious beliefs or even come from the same culture.

Singapore is today beside Monaco the most densely populated independent country in the world. The geographical location means that the country has high humidity and lots of rainfall, with around Singapore has many cultures living within it, as a result there is a very diverse way of life with people speaking many languages and worshiping a number of different religions.

The tropical rainforest climate means that there are no actual defined seasons. Head of state is the President, head of government is the Prime Minister.Singapore hosted the first Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in We continue to support the Commonwealth and its activities.

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is a vibrant multiracial city-state that serves as a bridge between the East and West. Singapore facts: official web sites of Singapore, links and information about art, culture, geography, history, food, travel and tourism, airlines, embassies, tourist boards and newspapers of Singapore.

BBC Country Profiles: instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries and territories, and background on key institutions. Singapore is a wealthy city state in south-east Asia.

Once a British colonial trading post, today it is a thriving global financial hub and described as one of Asia's economic "tigers". It is also. Descriptive Essay: Singapore Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia, just off the Malay Peninsula and 85 miles north of the equator.

The country is young but well developed with leaning skyscrapers, diverse communities and unique buildings. Each Country Profile is based on information updated from that These organizations may publish a variety of statistical reports based on country inputs.

Singapore does not keep track of all.

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Country profile singapore essay
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