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The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility at Nike Essay Example

While in the past, Nike mostly treated sustainability as a risk management issue, its perspective over the past 15 has undergone a major transformation, and it now views sustainability as an opportunity for innovation. Again, just like the watchdog groups, the media has come a long way since gaining in momentum and priority today.

However, as campaigns against Nike gained momentum after the initial trickle, the watchdog groups have definitely become top priority for Nike today. They do not prompt for change themselves but is one of the strongest channels used by activist groups to effect change.

Not only the report states about the areas in which Nike has shown its responsibility to the society but also the areas in which the company still has to improve. For example, raising wages and improving working conditions reduces short-term earnings. After 8 years, Onitsuka Company recognizing the huge potential of the American Shoe market, switched to a larger and more experienced distributor.

Soon different people started accusing Nike of unethical practices. It also brings to light the fact that people want to work for a company that is a good corporate citizen.

By collaborating with other companies, Nike has demonstrated that it recognizes both realities described above: The advantage of having a lean manufacturing model is twofold.

As the leader of its industry with the power to influence public opinion, Nike has the responsibility to set a high ethical bar and become leader in this area. These students who attended the internship then staged a large number of campus demonstrations against Nike.

Also, the governments of most developing countries refuse even to discuss a common strategy that would halt the downward spiral of labour conditions provoked by competition in the international labour market. Knight accepted that children aged 14 are working in Indonesian factories Nike responded to most of the accusations made by media and anti-sweatshop movements.

Journal of Business Ethics. In other words, making a process more environmentally friendly will likely be more cost-effective as well.

Nike and Corporate Responsibility

Also, the above discussion surfaces the fact that stakeholders are concerned about the consequences of CSR and the moral, rational and economic implications of those consequences.

The aim consists of the overall vision of that segment, while the target identifies tangible short term goals needed to achieve the aim. Metrics to Ensure Fair Labor Choosing appropriate metrics.

Nike Corporate Responsibility Essay

On the other hand, with only long-term goals, it is difficult to tangibly measure progress. However, for the company to be truly successful at CSR, this reactive approach much be transformed into a proactive one.In terms of strengthening Nike's corporate responsibility, the famous sport brand learned that improve lives is a key direction in increase profits and social responsibility by collaborating with suppliers in third world to limit employees working overtime, ensure freedom of.

Nike Responses Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Words | 4 Pages. NIKE CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY REPORT Introduction Background: Nike is the leading company in sports and fitness fields and located near Beaverton, Oregon (CSRwire, ).

Nike Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The case for being social responsible, Corporate social initiatives at Nike (Essay Sample) Instructions: Please complete the following. Develop your pre-final draft that contains the required headings and page lengths. The pre-final draft must include all references, appendices, tables, figures, etc.

nike corporate social responsibility report Introduction Background: Nike is the leading company in sports and fitness fields and located near Beaverton, Oregon (CSRwire, ). Corporate social responsibility has been described by a wide range of definitions: "Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large"(1.

Corporate Social Responsibility Nike Essay Sample

School: Corporate Social Responsibility and Nike Essay Case study: Nike’s CSR Challenge After the widespread report on the workers of Nike in the plantation inNike worked on the reports of social and environmental practices.

Corporate social responsibility nike essay
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