Analyse the tourism industry in africa tourism essay

This new way of communicating can have a huge impact on the tourism industry. Rapid growth of the global tourism industry and its large economic benefits makes recreational use of land and promising ability to successfully compete and displace other uses.

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Aviation is a large part of tourism. Being one of the highest and the most dynamic sectors of the economy, tourism takes only the second place after oil production and refining.

A third advantage of tourism is a multiplier effect, as the cost of tourism is processed by local economy.

Sustainability of Tourism in South Africa

Hence, it is important for the tourism industry to take on these attitudes as well, as it is becoming an important part of our society today to have environmental policies incorporated into everyday business practises The Asian population is increasing at a rapid pace.

A similar rate was forecasted for intra-African tourism. The current African tourism industry will also be discussed in depth, although there is relatively little study of the industry in the continent, and particularly few primary research studies. Types of employment in the tourism sector are varied, ranging from work in hotels, ending the tour guides and taxi drivers.

Given the need for incorporating sustainability, there is a strong argument for turning to a stakeholder perspective. The potential for maximizing the positive impact of tourism is tremendous DEAT, Secondly, technologies are so advanced now that communicating with people around the globe is made much easier.

Reference List Andereck, K. For example, together with the development of tourism over the past 50 years, a huge amount of parks and natural protected areas appeared today there are nearly 10 national parks Johnson and Barry, The plan of action is considered indispensable and that experience, from the past, was what determined the value of the plan.

Summary notes that data problems and multicollinearity caused unsuitable results in one case, while model specification appears to be a problem in another. An increase in carbon emissions is a major threat to climate conditions.

People who are in a later time of their life have different needs and wants. In addition, tourism offers the chance to increase economic growth of individual countries in the region.

In this study a framework developed by Crouch and Ritchie will be used to shape strategic analysis. Smith suggests that: Booking online has made it much easier for individuals to book their own holidays.

A Pestle Analysis of Tourism Industry Essay

In Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Research, second edition. There are more and more people who are in their later years who want to travel, to cater for this it may mean advertising focused more on comfort and relaxation rather than thrill ridden activities. Conceptual models for destination competitiveness can be constructed from the factors: Crouch explains that: There has been a steady incline of online sales.

In this context Luvanga and Shitundu argue that: This increase in taxes will raise the prices of flying therefore could discourage people to go abroad. Consequently there have been more taxes placed on air travel.

Many European capitals witness mass departure of local citizens, who are trying to escape from summer flow of tourists. This included the Eastern African Ecoregion strategic framework, which focuses on coastal and marine conservation issues. In many developed countries, areas used for recreation and tourism, are on the third place after the area of agricultural and forest lands.

Along with the burning problem of pollution and changing environmental components that are the most urgent in such recreational areas as national parks, nature reserves and suburban green areas, where attendance of tourists destroy leaves, twigs, pine needles, in other wordscomponents containing essential nutrients.Essay on The Tourism Industry Words | 5 Pages The Tourism Industry Tourism is regarded as one of the most efficient, organised and marketed commodities in the world.

South Africa has earmarked tourism as a key sector with excellent potential for growth: the government aims to increase tourism’s contribution, both direct and indirectly, to the economy from the baseline of R,4-billion (% of GDP) to Rbillion by (National Department of Tourism, ).

Tourism supports one in every 12 jobs in. On the tourism industry accounts for about 6 % of global gross national product is taken from tourism sector, it comprises7 % of global investment as well, 5% of all tax revenues.

Some places of tourism destination, however, do not equally welcome tourists. This section will set out the means by which the case study will be conducted. First, the models which will be used to analyse the tourism industry in Africa will be explained Subsequently, this section will look at the methodology for the regression analysis.

The models which will be used in the case study fall into two broad catagories. Africa, safari, culture - Tourism in Kenya. My Account. Tourism in Kenya Essay. Tourism in Kenya Essay Tourism Essay - In the more economically developed countries (MEDCs), synonymous mainly with the industrialised countries of the northern hemisphere there, has been an explosion in the growth of leisure and tourism industry.

Finally, South Africa's economy depends largely on the tourism industry which has been identified as one of the key economic sectors with excellent potential for growth.

Directly and indirectly, tourism constitutes approximately 7% of employment in South Africa.

Analyse the tourism industry in africa tourism essay
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