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After a wintertime leave spent touring the country, Lieutenant Henry returns to the captured town at the front where his unit lives. Hemingway left behind his wife and three sons.

Rinaldi makes some jokes and tells Henry that Italians will grant him a medal. Henry found her tempting and later came back to meet her.

A Farewell to Arms When Written: During the war, Henry returns after winter and departs in early spring. Chapter 6 to 15 Henry begins to regularly visit Catherine but they soon realize that their relationship is empty of love and they both decided to part their ways. The slow, tedious journey proves dangerous for Henry, who must plunge into a rushing river to escape being shot by the Italian army who are suspicious of his American ties.

A Farewell To Arms

As Catherine goes into labor it is clear that she is having trouble. The two keep their relationship a secret so that Catherine can work the night shift and spend the nights with Henry.

They travel by rowboat to Switzerland where they spend the winter in safety as Catherine gets closer to having the baby. Later, Henry is transported to an American hospital in Milan. After a final move to Idaho, Hemingway took his own life infollowing in the footsteps of his father who had committed suicide in While the drivers are eating, the Austrian bombardment wounds Henry in the leg and kills one of the other drivers.

Henry and Catherine spend the summer together while he recuperates from an operation on his leg, visiting restaurants around Milan in the evening and then spending nights together. Another driver flees, to surrender to the Germans. Then, as a result of multiple hemorrhages, Catherine dies as well.

Henry meets an officer named Ettore Moretti while returning from the checkup. Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley move into a chalet on a mountain above Montreaux and spend an idyllic winter there. They discuss marriage, but Catherine insists that she would rather wait rather than risk being separated from Henry.

A Farewell to Arms Study Guide

Frederic no longer Lieutenant Henry arrives in Milan, incognito. One evening his roommate, a surgeon and lieutenant in the Italian army named Rinaldi, introduces Henry to two British nurses: Frederic Henry, an ambulance driver is among those men. The most historically significant event depicted in the novel is the Italian retreat that took place following the Battle of Caporetto on October 24, Rinaldi visits Henry at the hospital first and then comes the priest.

One driver is shot to death by fellow Italians firing in error.

Italy, the nation whose army Frederic Henry is involved with, joined the war in At the end of summer, Henry receives a letter from army asking him to return 3 weeks after he is discharged.

He finds his way back to Milan in secret, and then onto Stresa to track down Catherine. Scott Fitzgerald and other ex-patriot American writers of the "lost generation.

Catherine Barkley and her friend Helen Ferguson. Ernest Hemingway wrote the novel as a semi-autobiographical response to his own experiences working as a volunteer ambulance driver for the Italian Army. The following day they are arrested and briefly detained by Swiss officials, after which they are released.

Later on, Catherine does the night shifts and they spend them together. Finally, the ambulances pull off the main road. It is summer season now and Henry is recovering gradually. Henry walks back to the hotel alone in the rain.What is the significance of how the narrator describes the procession of cars in Book 1, Chapter 1, of A Farewell to Arms?.

The procession is described in a way that is reminiscent of an unhappy parade, foreshadowing nearly all the major events in the novel.

A Farewell to Arms Questions and Answers

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Year Published: Pages: A Farewell to Arms Summary of Chapters. Chapter 1 to 5.

A Farewell to Arms Summary & Study Guide

The novel begins describing artillery troops moving through the rains of autumn. A Farewell to Arms study guide contains a biography of Ernest Hemingway, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. About A Farewell to Arms A Farewell to Arms Summary.

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By Ernest Hemingway. A Farewell to Arms begins in the Alps around the frontier between Italy and present-day Slovenia. Allied with Britain, France, and Russia against the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany, Italy is responsible for preventing the Austro-Hungarian forces from assisting the Germans on the war’s western front, and Russia in the east.

A farewell to arms study guide
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